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500/- year

  • 1 Email ID
  • Storage 5GB
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support


750/- year

  • 1 Email ID's
  • Storage 10GB Per Mail Box
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support

Unlimited Business

1200/- year

  • 1 Email ID's
  • Storage 20GB Per Mail Box
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support

Advika Web Email Key Features

Powerful and Unique Tools for Your Email Inbox

Why Choose Advika Web Email Hosting Services?

Enhanced Email Security

If you want to keep secure personal details & information from Cyber threats then Our Enhanced Email Security makes advanced encryption and powerful protocols to save your personal information from cyber threats and give you peace of mind and understanding of your communication and security.

  • Advance Encryption:
  • Safe Your Private Information with advanced security protocols that avoid unauthorized access.

  • Real-time security detection:
  • Our System always looking for unusual activity and protects your communication

    Save Money for Your Business

    Improving Your Business's Financial Health with our saving money solutions fundamentals. Enjoying Effective-cost Methods that fit your Specific Needs. And that it allows you to maximize savings without losing quality. Explore our offering and learn How how we can help your business prosper while staying within your budget.

  • Cost-effective plans:
  • Choose from a range of affordable packages customized for the needs of your business.

  • Simple Management:
  • Start saving money and making smooth interactions Improve your email operations to lower overhead and increase productivity..

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    From 24/7 support that acts as your extended team to incredibly fast website performance

    Email Hosting is a Service that gives business Email address that linked to your domain name like It’s Very important factors of business communication, branding, and data security. And Email Hosting Features allows you to properly handle your emails, making the reliability and authority of your communication.
    Advika Web improves email hosting service with dependable customizable email addresses, advanced security, smooth migration services, available latest technologies, and helpful technical support. This service offers professional communication, guarding emails with email encryption, spam filtering, and virus scanning, as well as scalability and device accessibility for user convenience.
    Yes, You can easily migrate email to Advika Web's hosting platform. Advika Web makes email migration easy by facilitating the transition from older email platforms into hosting. If it is about switching from another provider or if you are starting to host your first email, Advika Web allows you to have a smooth transition. Having their proficiency and assistance, you can transfer your emails without a glitch, keeping the information integrity and providing an unlimited flow of communication.
    Advika web email hosting service is very reliable with robust infrastructure and uptime commitments. They guarantee the continuity of email communications with the help of advanced security measures and fast technical support. Whether for personal or business usage the Advika Web ensures the security of emails and allows you to access your messages at any time.
    Advika Web email hosting service has its own benefits. You'll be able to use personalized email addresses with your own unique domain and have this protected by comprehensive security features. Advika Web guarantees a hassle-free migration, providing a seamless transfer. These storage solutions are scalable to accommodate your growing needs and also have responsive technical support to resolve any issues that may arise. Trust Advika Web for reliable, flexible and easy-to-use email hosting services.
    Advika Web takes email security into high consideration thanks to its security methods. They apply powerful encryption techniques to protect information from unauthorized access and robust spam filtering as well as virus scanning to durable the dangers. Constant monitoring and updating, as well as the protection of your emails against various cyber threats, makes Advika Web a reliable option. Such a solution will save you time as well as provide peace of mind and seamless communication for business and personal use.